Lake View Cemetery Expresses Thanks For Authors’ Tour

To The Reader’s Forum:

Lake View Cemetery would like to thank the authors and attendees who helped to make this summer’s “Local Authors Tour Series” such a success.

Authors, Clarence C. Carlson, Kathleen Crocker, Jane Currie and Rolland Kidder shared stories and experiences of some of the people featured in their books. The author’s knowledge and insight about the people and places of which they wrote were most entertaining and informative.

In all, 163 attendees participated in the three tours; learning about and hearing stories of the early furniture industry in Jamestown, the many local residents who made great impacts on not only Jamestown, but in some cases the nation and the world, and about young men and women; many of whom had never been outside Chautauqua County, who journeyed around the globe, joining in the fight to keep America and the world free from the grips of dictators and mad men.

Lake View Cemetery would like to make the ‘Summer Tour Series’ an annual event. If anyone has a suggestion or theme for future tours, please feel free to contact the cemetery office at 665-3206.

Also, the Fenton History Center will be presenting the seventh annual “Saints and Sinners” Tours and the popular “Mausoleums & More” Tour during the first two weekends in October. You may contact the Fenton History Center at 664-6256 for information and tickets.

Hugh Golden