Celoron Board To Continue Waterline Talk Monday

CELORON- The Celoron Village Board held a work session recently to discuss what needs to be done about eight homes with wells that have gone bad.

At Celoron’s last board meeting, the village board received a letter from residents on Butler and East Seventh streets whose wells went bad. The residents were having problems with their wells for about six months before the board became notified. The water in the homes became so bad that families drank bottled water and needed to shower elsewhere. Scott Schrecengost, Celoron mayor, described the water of the home he visited as “grey.”

The estimated cost of the project – which includes three fire hydrants as well as hooking up the homes to the water grid – is $50,000 by the BPU. Costs are not expected to exceed $70,000. The board wants to finish the project before October.

This leaves the village with three options: The village can cover the entirety of the project; the cost can be split between the residents and the village; or the residents can be charged for the entire project. While the village board agreed partial payment should be done on their part for the fire hydrants, there was discussion between Robin Young, village trustee, and Schrecengost on how to pay for the rest of the project.

“If we divide the cost among more people, there are less burdens on any one small group,” Young said. “I mean if I had a problem down where I live, I would like to think there would be people that would come and help me as a village.”

Schrecengost wants to see if the village can get grants from the government to help pay for the cost. However, he did not hear back from state Sen. Cathy Young before the work session.

The village, unfortunately, didn’t receive all the information they felt was needed to make a decision. As a result, they will continue the discussion at Monday’s work session at 5:30 p.m.