Kennedy Pride Reflects On Recent Concert

KENNEDY – Kennedy Pride members held their last summer meeting recently on a balmy evening in Hallquist Park. Those present enjoyed some watermelon as they reviewed current projects and planned for future events.

The Rev. Michael Herdzik, co-president, told members that the contractor who plans to build the pavilion in Hallquist Park would be unable to get to it this season due to other commitments. The contractor suggested getting the plans drawn up and the permit approved this winter, and building in the spring. A motion was made to go ahead with this plan, and members approved.

The recent Common Ground concert was discussed. Those present agreed that it had been well attended, and refreshment sales had been good. The local musicians have been a popular draw. Group members noted that the summer concerts had again been a plus for the community, and looked forward to providing more next year.

The Rev. Herdzik stated that he had spoken to Larry Mee, town of Poland highway superintendent, about clean-up projects that Kennedy Pride could help with in the town. Several were listed, and group members talked about timing for some of the projects. Painting might still be able to be accomplished this season. Some things, like clearing leaves and debris from over drains, will depend on weather conditions. Assisting with the new library building project will depend on when they are ready.

Upcoming events were discussed. Kennedy Pride will again be assisting with the Christmas party for town residents. Other fundraisers to help them with their continued efforts for improvements in the area were also discussed.

Future developments for Hallquist Park were considered. Location of the exact property lines of the existing park land, which is town-owned, would help guide the making of new plans. Also, the possibility of adding adjacent property to the park was brought up. Whether this is feasible is not known, but it would enable a wider variety of ideas to be implemented in the future.

Members were urged to make a list of things that had made Kennedy a great place to live in the past, and also what presently makes the community a great place. How could these things be used to help Kennedy to move forward to a brighter future?

The next regular meeting of Kennedy Pride is planned for Wednesday, Sept. 17, at 6:30 p.m. in the Kennedy Free Library. Everyone is invited to come, and to offer any ideas about supporting the town.