Event To Raise Awareness For Small Businesses, Nonprofit Organizations

FALCONER?- A local business owner is looking to put small businesses and nonprofit organizations on the map for fellow residents.

Stephanie Clark, owner of Better-Life Nutrition in Falconer, is organizing the event. She hopes that 200 small businesses and nonprofit organizations participate. The goal is to raise awareness in the communities about certain businesses, specifically where they’re located and what services they offer. Between 50 and 60 organizations have signed up so far even though the event is slated for Saturday, Sept. 20 – a day in which many are closed. However, Clark wants more organizations to showcase what they have to offer. She’s reached out to organizations in Jamestown, Kennedy and Frewsburg, among others, in hopes that more take part.

“I’ve talked to 98 businesses about the event,” Clark said. “I figured that I would start around the Falconer area and work my way out. I’ve been walking around, calling and meeting with businesses to make them aware. You just have to take it all in stride.”

Clark, a resident of Falconer for 22 years, opened her business, located at 2 Main St., in January 2012. As a first-time owner, her goal was to help those in need of evaluating their wellness. Her business offers customers meal-replacement smoothies, nutritional bars and several weight-loss programs. Over the past three years that she has been in business, she occasionally gets people who are amazed with the place. But what gets her is the fact that many people aren’t familiar with local organizations in their hometowns.

“People would come in, comment on how cool the place is and had no idea the place was here,” Clark said. “It prompted me to take action for small businesses and organizations in the area.”

Clark is receiving help from the Falconer Print Shop, printing flyers for the event so the word can reach organizations throughout the area. She also has written merchant letters to organizations in the past couple days explaining the event.

Organizations that have agreed to take part in the event include Harley Davidson of Jamestown, Salvation Army, Tasta Pizza, Blue Collar Work Wear, John David Salon and Breast Cancer Awareness, among others. Clark said that the organizations can do whatever they want during the event to give the public an idea about their business.

“They can give out information and flyers regarding their business,” Clark said. “They can perform whatever they do so people can become familiar with them.”

The event will take place at Davis Park in Falconer from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For additional information, contact Clark at 640-0522.

“We hope to get the village and people to come out and see what kinds of organizations are in the area,” Clark said.