Trap Leagues

Three players recorded 50s in the Chautauqua County Trap League.

Marty Gawron of Randolph, Dennis Spoon of Celoron and Kirk Decker of Randolph picked up the perfect scores.

In team scores, Randolph topped Carroll, 344-342, and Celoron prevailed over Busti, 339-333.

Derek Rumsey of Randolph, Blake Ristau of Carroll and Ben Paddock of Busti were the high juniors with 49s; Red France, Gary Sickles Sr. and Howard Arnold, all from Randolph, had the high super senior veteran totals with 49s; and Tom Sleeman of Carroll delivered the high super senior veteran with a 49.

Tom Boire of Randolph and Ray Lee of Carroll shot 48 for the high veterans, Tiffany Decker of Busti drilled a 48 for the high lady and Dalton Becker of Celoron added a 48 for the high sub junior.

Celoron led the league with a 17-1 record followed by Randolph at 10-8, Busti at 5-13 and Carroll at 4-14.

RANDOLPH (344): Marty Gawron 50, Derek Rumsey 49, Red France 49, Skip Frazier 49, Cal Benson 49, Howard Arnold 49, Gary Sickles 49.

CARROLL (342): Tom Sleeman 49, Jim Nowacki 49, Brady Carl 49, Blake Ristau 49, Mike Mackey 49, Marty Nelson 49, Gary Sickles Sr. 49.

CELORON (339): Dennis Spoon 50, Kevin Nicklas 49, Kevin Sturzenbecker 49, Jerry Willett 48, Dalton Becker 48, Randy Lineman 48, Ron Harmon 47.

BUSTI (333): Kirk Decker 50, Ben Paddock 49, Tiffany Decker 48, Craig Broberg 47, Jim Bessey 47, Dick Starks 46, Charlie Brown 46.

– – –

Chuck Loomis and Brady Carl shot 50s as Kalbfus took the Warren County Trap League by beating Brokenstraw, 340-338, in a shootoff after both clubs finished the regular-season at 12-2.

Curt Hollabaugh and Jared Hanna hit 50s and Brokenstraw teammate Matt Fehlman had his first 25 straight.

KALBFUS (340): Chuck Loomis 50, Brady Carl 50, Denny Joy 48, John P. Foster 48, Otto Carl 48, Doug Gray 48, Mike Mackey 48.

BROKENSTRAW (338): Curt Hollabaugh 50, Jared Hanna 50, Rich Lee 49, Matt Fehlman 48, Jerry Cressley 47, Dale Johnson 47, Mark Romaniszyn 47.

– – –

Chuck Loomis of Kalbfus had the highest average in the Warren County Trap League with a 98.429 percentage followed by Ray Lee of Pine Grove at 98.364. Colton Black of Sugar Grove I and Michael McDunn of Kalbfus were at 98 and Ken Anderson of Tidioute at 97.571.

High lady was Taylor Hansen of Tidioute at 95.143 percent followed by Cindy Cable of Pine Grove at 94.429 percent.

Elijah Trawick of Sugar Grove I was the high junior with a 94.769 followed by Jason Gustafson of Brokenstraw with a 93.571.

Mike Ziegler of Tidioute was the top sub junior with a 89.077 percent and Jarrett Brown of Sugar Grove II was second with an 86.727.

The high veteran was Ray Lee of Pine Grove with a 98.364 and Ken Anderson of Tidioute was next with a 97.571 percent.

Dave Kingsley of Pine Grove was the high senior veteran with a 96.429 and teammate Jerry Willett was second with a 94.143.

Jack Kostkas of Tidioute was the highest super senior veteran with 94.462 and teammate Joe Miller was runnerup with a 92.462.