No Place Like Home

When Jamestown native Susan Bentley returned to her hometown last year, she also returned to her home at the Jamestown Area YMCA.

Several years ago, Bentley moved away for college for several years to earn a degree, as many high school graduates do. The difference? She came back. After earning her undergraduate degree from Bucknell University and her master’s degree from Arcadia University, she is now working as a Physician Assistant at Jamestown Primary Care.

“It’s actually the same primary care office I went to my whole life, before I started working there,” Bentley said. “I knew I was coming to a great place and that I would get to work with knowledgeable and friendly providers.”

Bentley has also enjoyed returning to her family at the Y.

“I have been coming to the Y since I was a little kid,” said Bentley. “I started out in swim lessons as a baby, which my parents probably still have on tape.”

At age 8, Bentley began swimming competitively with the YMCA Jamestown Jets Swim Team.

“I was on the Jets all the way up through high school,” Bentley said, “and even now, some of my best friends are people I met from swim team.”

Even while away at school, Bentley was never really away from the Y community.

“When I was doing my master’s, I was all over the east coast,” said Bentley. “I used the Y’s AWAY program, and I was still able to use my Y membership.”

The AWAY program, or “Always Welcome At YMCAs,” enables traveling Y members to use other YMCAs, and Bentley truly appreciated having the opportunity to experience many different Ys across the east coast.

“Now that I’m back, it’s great having two locations to choose from,” Bentley said. “I can go to the Jamestown branch on my lunch breaks and the Lakewood branch before or after work, so I can work out and choose fitness classes based on my schedule.”

Last year, Bentley graced the headlines with her win in the inaugural Lucy Town Half Marathon, but now she’s enjoying shaking up her workout routine.

“My usual routine includes some time on the elliptical or treadmill and then weights,” said Bentley. “But I enjoy trying new things. I really love the Expresso bikes, because I am a very competitive person, and the bikes give me the opportunity to be competitive, even if no one can see it.”

Mostly, Bentley just enjoys the people she finds when she’s spending time at the Y.

“I like seeing friendly faces, and people are so friendly here,” Bentley said. “You get a real sense of community both here at the Y and in the city of Jamestown.”