BPU Continues Substation Project

Construction of the new Jamestown Board of Public Utilities substation is on schedule.

On Thursday, as part of the construction project, one of the transformers was moved into position for the new substation, which is supposed to be operational by the end of the year. Dave Paterniti, BPU substation engineer, said a second transformer is scheduled to be delivered next week.

The transformer delivered Thursday weighed close to 41 tons. BPU officials have been planning the new substation project for two years. Paterniti said the construction of the new substation started in April. He said BPU officials have been planning the logistics for the project since February. He said the planning is very detail-oriented because each section of the substation has to be constructed or delivered in a precise order that will lead to the next aspect of the project.

”It just doesn’t happen overnight,” he said.

Paterniti said the substation construction project is being led by Chris Rodgers, BPU transmission and distribution manager. Also, Jim Butler, BPU project engineer, has been instrumental in the foundation and structure of the new substation site. In the coming weeks, a relay panel, the second transformer and the steel hardware will be delivered and pieced together to finish the substation.

”(Then) it becomes like a huge erector set,” Paterniti said about the substation’s construction.

Once the new substation is operational, it will replace the BPU substations located at the corner of West Second and Washington streets, and at the McCrae Point Park. Once the new substation is operational, the BPU will have 10 substations. The new one will be the second largest BPU substation, the largest of which is the Dow Street substation. Paterniti said the substation is scheduled to be useful for the next 40-50 years.

In February, it was announced during a BPU board meeting the substation project is estimated to cost around $3 million.