TitanX Celebrates 100 Years

The international company TitanX isn’t slowing down after 100 years.

On Tuesday, the TitanX’s Jamestown plant celebrated its 100th anniversary by talking about its expanding future. Stefan Nordstrom, TitanX chief executive officer, said the company’s future is bright with plant expansions into Brazil, China and Mexico. In February, it was announced the world supplier of medium- and heavy-duty diesel engine cooling solutions will be expanding by building factories in China and Mexico in 2015. This follows starting a new factory in Brazil in 2013. The three new factories join TitanX factories already located in Jamestown at 2258 Allen St. and in Sweden.

“Things are really moving in our company,” Nordstrom told employees and invited guests during the 100th anniversary celebration. “All of this to be a (better) company, and become stronger.”

TitanX engine cooling serves original equipment manufacturers of trucks, buses, off-highway equipment and industrial diesel engines. The company has its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. TitanX has about 800 employees worldwide.

State. Sen. Catharine Young, R,C,I-Olean, spoke during the festivities by discussing that TitanX is another strong company in Western New York thanks to a dedicated workforce. Young said the plant has been around for 100 years because the workers know they are competing globally to make the best engine cooling products.

“The people in this company have the right attitude,” she said. “Your job is everything to you … that is why you work so hard.”

State Assemblyman Andy Goodell, R,C,I-Jamestown, said he is proud of the engine cooling products being made by TitanX in Jamestown every time he sees a freight truck hauling supplies.

“Your radiators are making the United States move,” he said.

County Executive Vince Horrigan said TitanX is one of several Chautauqua County companies local residents can be proud of because of the quality products being produced.

“It is an example of a vibrant company, for more than 100 years,” Horrigan said.

Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi said he is proud to be Jamestown’s mayor because he is invited to events like TitanX’s 100th anniversary celebration. During the last 100 years, TitanX has had several business names like Valeo and Blackstone. Teresi said the company continues today because it has dealt with and surpassed several challenges during the last century.

“One hundred yeas of adapting, changing and surviving,” Teresi said about TitanX officials and employees succeeding to reach the milestone.