Pierce, Blanchard Claim Munger Tournament At Chautauqua

CHAUTAUQUA – Chuck Pierce and Barb Blanchard were the winners in the annual Munger Tournament held recently at Chautauqua Golf Club.

Pierce had a low gross total of 79 and a 65 low net for first place in the Men’s Division while Blanchard took the Ladies Division with an 88 for low gross and a 63 for the low net.

Dennis Scotty was second in the Men’s Division with an 80 low gross and a 65 low net and Bill Peterson was third with an 81 low gross and a 68 low net.

Candy Joslyn came in second in the Women’s Division with a 96 low gross and 71 low net, followed by Jennifer Flanagan with a 93 low gross and a 73 low net.



Dale Lyndall8169

Rich Flanagan8770

Fred Natarelli8270

Dennis Green8670

Jack Connolly9172

Simon Knepshield8572

Fred Gregory8872

Ron Kilpatrick8372

Ed Schmidt8472

Stu Northrop9673

Gary Reese9273

Don Hustead9373

Scott Smith8573

Jerry Strok9173

Jack McCauley7473

Dick Redington9675

Bob Burns8675

Bill Young9276

Joe Johnson8176

Geof Follansbee9177

Herb Gibbs9077

Bryan Rupczyk10277

Bernie Haas8779

Stu Meyerson10380

Dale West8883


Jane Stirniman11173

Mary Hustead10974

Jeanne Wiebenga10374

Lois Livingston11876

Barbara Jones9376

Pat Peters9877

Bernie Elkin10177

Colleen Reeve9480

Lynn McCauley10381