Ferry, Blair Shine On Championship Night At Eriez Speedway

By Jay Pees


HAMETT, Pa. – It was championship night at Eriez Speedway as all classes ran their final points night with Rob Blair earning his second Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Models title.

Kyle Zimmerman prevailed in the Bonnell Collision Center FASTRAK Late Models for his second title in the past four years. Joel Watson capped off his year with a feature win for his second championship in three years in the Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods.

Nate Short led the points right from the beginning of the season in the Conway & O’Malley Limited Late Models, collecting the title. Brandon Groters was absent the final night of points racing but had wrapped up the title last week for the Waterford Hotel Street Stocks.

Jason Boardman won his first-ever feature on June 1 and built a lead with up-front finishes, cementing his first-ever championship with one week remaining in the season.

The Economods, a class introduced three years ago at nearby Raceway 7, were introduced to Eriez with nineteen cars signing in and young Josh Ferry, the Raceway 7 points leader, pulling off the win after an early race battle with Butch Lambert.

Third-generation driver Max Blair managed to again win both the Super Late Model and Crate Late Model features, leading the Super Late Model feature the entire distance but not gaining the lead in the Crate Late Model feature until the final lap.

Joel Watson started from the pole position and dominated the Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods feature for his sixth win of the season. Chris McGuire led the entire distance for his third win in the Conway & O’Malley Limited Late Models feature while Don McGuire took the lead at lap three in the the Waterford Hotel Street Stocks feature and went on to his second triumph of the season.

Travis Darling came on strong at the conclusion of the season, winning the final two points events, his only wins of the season.

Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Models

Heat 1: Matt Urban, Darrell Bossard, Steve Kania, Jake Finnerty, Ryan Scott, Chevy Scott, Chuck Parker

Heat 2: Chris Hackett, Max Blair, Robbie Blair, Doug Eck, Rich Gardner, John Volpe, Chris Peterson

Feature: Max Blair, Chris Hackett, Matt Urban, Rob Blair, Steve Kania, Rich Gardner, Darrell Bossard, Doug Eck, John Volpe, Jake Finnerty, Ryan Scott, Chevy Scott, Chris Peterson, Chuck Parker

Bonnell Collision FASTRAK Crate Late Models

Heat 1: Max Blair, Kyle Zimmerman, Michael Mitchell, Mark Tatalovic, Darrell Bossard, Dave Shagla, Joe Long

Heat 2: Matt Latta, Bobby Rohrer, Kyle Scott, Cody Dawson, Mike Lozowski, Scott Gurdak

Heat 3: Chad Wright, Bruce Hordusky, Wyatt Scott, Bob Dorman, Khole Wanzer, Matt Harvey

Feature: Max Blair, Bruce Hordusky, Kyle Zimmerman, Chad Wright, Matt Latta, Mike Mitchell, Bob Dorman, Wyatt Scott, Scott Gurdak, Kyle Scott, Joe Long, Khole Wanzer, Mark Tatalovic, Mike Lozowski, Dave Shagla, Cody Dawson, Darrell Bossard, Bobby Rohrer, Matt Harvey

Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods

Heat 1: Gary Eicher, Mike Kinney, Shane Crotty, Butch Southwell, John Boyd, Dan Sasso, Steve Rex

Heat 2: Joel Watson, Steve Simon, John Boardman, Troy Carr, John Schenker, Dave Lamphere, Chad Carlson, Gary Murphy

Feature: Joel Watson, Mike Kinney, Gary Eicher, Butch Southwell, Shane Crotty, Greg Johnson, John Boardman, John Boyd, Steve Simon, John Schenker, Chad Carlson, Steve Rex, Jack Young, Troy Carr, Dan Sasso, Dave Lamphere, Gary Murphy (DNS)

Waterford Hotel Street Stocks

Heat 1: Don McGuire, Gary Fisher, Eric Harvey, Guy Adams, Tyler Lyngarkos, Art Edwards

Heat 2: Kenny Lamp, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Matt Lozowski, Eric Paulus, John Phelps, Mark Thompson

Feature: Don McGuire, Kenny Lamp, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Gary Fisher, Mark Thompson, Eric Paulus, Matt Lozowski, Guy Adams, Art Edwards, Tyler Lyngarkos, Eric Harvey (DNS), John Phelps (DNS)


Heat 1: Butch Lambert, Brandon Blackshear, Alan Atkinson, Ryan Fraley, George Vestal, Devin Henry, Kyle Fellows, Kevin Sergeff, Casey Bowers

Heat 2: Josh Ferry, Steve Haefke, Eric Reinwald, Jace Ferringer, Jeremy Double, Ty Rhoades, Jodi Woodworth, Walt Johnson

Feature: Josh Ferry, Butch Lambert, Steve Lambert, Brandon Blackshear, Jace Ferringer, Jeremy Double, Ty Rhoades, Ryan Fraley, Kyle Fellows, Devin Henry, Casey Bowers, Alan Atkinson, Jodi Woodworth, Kevin Sergeff, George Vestal, Walt Johnson, Eric Reinwald (DNS)

Kandy’s Gentlemen’s Club Challengers

Heat 1: Travis Darling, Justin Boardman, Thomas Cupp, Casey Burch, Jason Easler, Steve Morse, Ken Luma, Drew Panko, Jimmy Nicholson, Jeff Nunemaker, Mark Nicolia

Heat 2: Roger Hall, Gary Olson, Skip Jackson, Matt Marcy, Ryan White, Brandon Troutman, Wes Stull, Brad Cole, Jason Brightman, Austin Karash

Feature: Travis Darling, Matt Marcy, Thomas Cupp, Justin Boardman, Gary Olson, Skip Jackson, Casey Burch, Wes Stull, Ryan White, Brad Cole, Jason Easler, Jimmy Nicholson, Jason Brightman, Drew Panko, Brandon Troutman, Brian McGarvie, Joey Karash, Roger Hall, Ken Luma, Steve Morse (DNS), Jeff Nunemaker (DNS), Brett Beil (DNS)