Good Fooood

LAKEWOOD – Business partners and friends, Jeremy Hirliman and Dennis Brown of Jamestown, had an aspiration to start up their own food stand.

After a couple years of working on that aspiration, Farmer Brown’s Beef and Moooore, located on Fairmount Avenue next to Taco Bell, opened to the public. It took a month placing the trailer and putting together a sit-down area with chairs and tables, made by the Amish in Conewango Valley. The smell of pulled pork surrounds the stand.

“We talked about doing this for a while,” Hirliman said. “We found a good place to put it and we took off.”

In the first two weeks since the opening, the stand has been quite busy, according to the owners. And there are only two people working throughout the day in the stand making and serving food to the public.

People coming for a sandwich are able to sit down and eat during the day. Hirliman mentioned that the amount of people stopping by depends on the weather. The nicer the weather, the busier they are.

The location where the stand is was an empty lot, and it was a perfect spot for the business due to the amount of traffic passing by. Food made by Hirliman and Brown tastes like fair food without the trip to the fairgrounds, Hirliman said. From pulled pork and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches to hot dogs, fried bologna and Polish sausage, Farmer Brown’s has a wide variety of foods for everyone.

“We smoke our own meat,” Hirliman said. “The pulled pork is our main sandwich. It’s been the most popular food that people seem to enjoy.”

Hirliman and Brown also offer 10 smoothie flavors, including pina colada, mango, raspberry and banana. People can enjoy sandwiches and smoothies at a sit-down area behind the stand or they can take it for the road. There’s also a John Deere tractor and a red, white and blue bus that the two friends spotted and bought to add decoration to the location.

The biggest aspect Hirliman and Brown stick to is buying everything local. Maplevale Farms, located in Falconer, is where they buy meats. Hirliman mentioned that the business played a huge role in helping the stand begin.

“We’re trying to keep everything local the best we can,” Hirliman said.

Now that Hirliman and Brown have one stand up and running, their first goal is accomplished. The next goal on their agenda going forward is to open up a few other stands in the area.

“If it all keeps going the way it is now, hopefully we can get more going,” Hirliman said.

Farmer Brown’s Beef and Moooore is open seven days a week. They will stay open as long as the weather permits.

For more information, call 763-5235 or vist Farmer Brown’s Beef and Moooore’s Facebook page.