Corner Bar Demolition Process Moving Slowly

RIPLEY – Ripley Town Council members recently voted to reject a bid to install air conditioning through parts of the new town offices.

Supervisor Doug Bowen said the bid of $32,000 from C. Klinginsmith Plumbing, Heating Electric Inc., surpassed the threshold limit set for the work. Bowen recommended the council seek other options for the area.

Part of the office area has already had air conditioning installed, Bowen said, but the cost for that was under the threshold, Bowen said.

In other business, Bowen said that the process for demolition of the Corner Bar was continuing slowly. The town has obtained all of the necessary permits except the permit for a detour around the area. Michael Rowe, council member, will work with the Department of Transportation to obtain a detour path around the intersection of Route 76 and Route 20 where the structure is located.

Once this permit is obtained, the town has to contact the Department of Labor and the Department of Labor and the Environmental Protection Agency at least 10 days prior to work being done. The county landfill must be contacted two weeks before work commences in order to prepare for the materials.

“We’re still working out the logistics, but we will get there,” Bowen said.

The board also agreed to begin the process of revamping the town’s zoning document.

Bowen noted that the current document has become outmoded. “We need to make sure we are up to state zoning codes and our desire for zoning,” he said.

Council member Robert McIntosh will work with the zoning board authority and the planning board in this process.

Rowe was delegated to pursue looking into the various options for a digital sign outside of the town offices.

“We need to make sure it’s something everyone around here can live with,” Bowen said.

Town Clerk Rebecca Rowe-Carvallo reported that the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s new system for dispensing hunting licenses has been experiencing several glitches. Shortly after the new system was initiated and began to process hunting licenses, the whole program shut down, she said,

“I would urge everyone to call ahead before coming down for their license to make sure it’s still working,” Carvallo said. “Hopefully it will continue to get better, but for now it’s kind of frustrating.”