Council To Vote On Change Orders For Tracy Plaza Project

City officials have seen a decrease in the cost of the Tracy Plaza construction project.

On Monday, Jamestown City Council will vote on two change orders from the plaza parapet wall removal and replacement project. The first change order will be to pay $13,589 for waterproofing on the Prendergast Avenue and Second Street sides of the plaza.

However, in the second change order, city officials will be voting for a decrease of $9,410 for the project. CPS Construction Group of Cheswick, Pa., handled the plaza parapet wall removal and replacement project. Because the construction company went 73 days beyond the agreed-upon completion of the project, and because the extended time resulted in $2,110 in additional expenses, a reduction of $9,410 has been subtracted from the cost of the project.

City officials will also be voting on a decrease in the change order for the replacement of City Hall windows. Because of a window that cracked during installation, there will be a $1,635.94 decrease in the cost of replacing the specially tinted City Hall windows.

In June 2013, City Council approved two resolutions for renovation projects at City Hall. The first resolution authorized an agreement with D&S Glass in the amount of $193,908.79 to replace 24 windows. The second resolution approved the $840,000 renovation project of the parapet wall surrounding Tracy Plaza. They were the sole bidders on the project. The parapet wall renovations will tear down the wall that surrounds Tracy Plaza on all four sides of the building and replace it with a railing system to open up the plaza and make it more user-friendly. Also, it will deal with the hazard of pieces of the wall falling off the plaza.

In other business, City Council will vote for the mayor, Sam Teresi, to enter a contract with the Eighth Judicial District of the state Unified Court System for $49,000 for the Jamestown Police Department to act as a member of the Drug Court. The police department will then be responsible for providing risk assessments, home visits, drug testing and routine reporting to the Unified Court System.