Gerry Officials Eye Town Hall Renovations

GERRY – Gerry officials are making plans to renovate their town hall sometime in the near future.

Gerry has had the same town hall for many years, according to John Crossley, town supervisor. Once a grange building, the town uses only the first floor to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, plans for renovation include looking into adding an elevator to the building.

“It will be (renovating and) reconstructing,” Crossley said. “We will be doing some changing around. Right now we are still waiting to see what the initial estimate of cost will be. We don’t know that yet. So, that will affect what we do.”

The town tried over the course of several years to get the old Gerry grade school building back, but the Army – who currently owns the building – decided it wasn’t something they wanted to do.

“We don’t have a lot of other buildings or places in the town (to go to),” Crossley said. “We don’t want to build (a) new (building) because it is so expensive.”

The town currently is waiting to hear back from an architect, but sometime in the future will set up a public hearing to hear residents’ input.