We Used To Be Able To Swim …

To The Reader’s Forum:

Our most important commodity is water. However our governments – federal, state and county – have been ignoring all the problems that have been going on for many years. Now that algae blooms are prevalent it is almost too late to handle the problems.

Chautauqua Lake has been having problems for many years and there have been numerous studies but nothing has been done as of yet. Talk is all we get.

Sewage is still being dumped into the lake from septic tanks and sewage plants. Why can’t the septic tanks be checked every five years or so? Sewage plants should be doing something about nutrients that are being sent into the lake.

We pay $300 a year in sewage tax. Why can’t septic tanks be checked every five years. How much would that cost?

We used to be able to swim in the lake. Not now. Also we used to eat fish from the lake, but not now. We have paid way more in property taxes than we paid for our cottage. What are we cottage owners, chopped liver?

Karen Johnson