A Focus On Health

Inspiring people to be healthier is Rear Adm. Scott Giberson’s goal.

On Wednesday, Giberson, acting U.S. deputy surgeon general, delivered the morning lecture at the Chautauqua Institution’s Amphitheater that was titled “Innovation to Health: Enabling Interprofessional Practice.” Giberson said people need to think about their health and prevent chronic diseases before needing to be a part of the health care system.

“(We need to) accelerate a paradigm shift toward health,” he said. “A paradigm shift from health care to health.”

Giberson said he manages 7,000 health care professionals in 11 fields. He is involved in much of the health care world. The job of a deputy surgeon general involves communicating with the public about medical scientific information regarding health.

“You see the gaps in health care,” he said. “We have to be on a path to change that.”

Giberson discussed the report, “Improving Patient and Health System Outcomes through Advanced Pharmacy Practice.” Giberson said there needs to be collaboration between health care professionals to cause the shift. He said there are several new and innovative models, with evidence-based data, that show improved outcomes when medical professionals work as a team.

“It’s team-based care,” he said. “The net outcome is health.”

Having worked as a pharmacist in the past, Giberson said the American pharmacist can play a larger role in the delivery of patient care. He said pharmacists deal with patients after diagnosis more than any other medical professional. He said if pharmacists play a larger role they can help prevent return trips seeking medical attention, which usually happens in an emergency room where costs are higher.

“Interprofessional practice is the way of the future,” he said.

Giberson said the most important health-related topics affecting Americans come as a result of individual choices. He said selecting to eat better, get more sleep, avoid tobacco and be active are important ways to preserving health and preventing chronic diseases. He said everyone can inspire innovation in America’s health care system.

“It’s a beautiful place to be when you shift the paradigm,” he said.