Good Luck, Youngsters

To The Reader’s Forum:

When you hear the politicians and talking heads on Wall Street say, “Their economy is slowly getting stronger,” they speak the truth. Their economy is getting stronger. However, the middle class and the poor’s economy is losing ground faster than General Custer at the Little Big Horn.

The youth of America need to prepare themselves for a life of economic struggle. You may feel you are entitled to a good life style. You’re not. When I was a boy I worked on my uncle’s farm until I reached 16 years of age. Then I got a job after school in a clothing store. Also, I worked at night in a supermarket. When I went to college I worked two jobs. Once graduation was over they hired me to work for a national pharmaceutical company and a few years later a brokerage firm.

The guarantee of a good-paying job after college is the exception and not the rule today. However, there are pockets of opportunity. There is a world war taking place right now in the cyber world. The U.S. needs code writers. The average farmer is now over 55 years old. We need farmers. The Amish hack out a good living on very little land. The world is now in a war cycle the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1930s. We need strong leaders for our military.

I can ensure you my generation does not envy the economy you have been cast into. We pray you toughen up and move forward. We wish you well.

Rex V. Willard