JPS Board Passes Core Values, Beliefs

The Jamestown Public Schools Board of Education has made a districtwide commitment to values and beliefs in order to realize their vision and mission.

On Tuesday, the board of education passed a resolution accepting its goals and strategies as part of the district’s new five-year strategic plan. Items like core values and beliefs will lead district officials to accomplish their newly adopted mission and vision statement, which they passed in January.

The mission is to provide students high-quality, 21st-century learning experiences within and beyond classrooms so that once they graduate they are prepared to excel in college, their careers and their lives. The vision is to see every child learning every day.

There were five core values and beliefs passed by the board, including: students must always come first; high-quality teaching and learning are key to student success; the effort requires everyone to work together; positive social, emotional and behavior growth must not be ignored; and strong leadership, effective systems and reliable measures will be required to accomplish goals.

The mission, vision, values and beliefs served as the basis for the eight different committees that collaborated on the district’s strategic plan. The eight committees consisted of more than 140 members of the community, staff and students who worked during the past six months on the strategic plan.

Each of the eight committees discussed topics like rigorous academics; closing gaps in student achievement; social/emotional development; accountability/metrics; parent/community engagement; technology; extracurricular activities; and communications/public relations. Members of the committees include school district teachers and administrators, students, parents and community leaders.

From the work of the eight committees, Mains said he merged each committee’s ideas into four goals. Goal one is academic excellence and equity to ensure all students have access to a challenging curriculum in each grade and subject. In order to do this the district needs to be led by teams of effective educators who provide engaging instruction that challenges and supports all learners.

Goal two is to create an engaging and nurturing environment inside and outside of the classroom to develop the whole child. This goal will be met by giving students a wide range of opportunities inside and outside of the classroom to develop skills, talents and interest.

Goal three is to inform and engage both families and the broader community by providing information to all internal and external stakeholders. This goal can be reached by developing and implementing a communication procedure that highlights positive news and happenings in the district. Also, by getting parents involved in their child’s school.

Goal four is to implement operational standards and practices that improve, support and measure student success. This will be done through a robust data system, districtwide standard for safety and security, access to technology and increase revenues to align with district goals that prioritizes the needs of Jamestown students.

”The most significant accomplishment of my first year,” said Mains, regarding the strategic plan process.

Mains has been directed by the board to produce a year-to-year plan for implementation. The strategic plan is set to run for five years, from 2014-19. School district administrators will develop the year-to-year plan during a retreat. Once that plan is completed, a document will be released to the public detailing the strategic plan, goals and strategies and the year-to-year process.