Mains To Release Goals For JPS Tuesday

Goals and strategies have been defined for the plan to lead Jamestown Public Schools into the future.

On Tuesday, the Jamestown Public Schools Board of Education met for a workshop meeting on the district’s strategic plan. Earlier this month, Tim Mains, Jamestown superintendent, discussed the formation of the strategic plan during a regular school board meeting.

The plan was formed by including more than 140 members of the public, school district staff and students to be part of eight different committees. Mains said Jamestown’s strategic plan will be like no other district’s because of the scope and investment made in finding more than 140 community members who wanted to be involved in the process.

On Tuesday, school board members went through a draft of the strategic plan, and made additional changes and minor refinements. Mains said the school board will now announce their goals and strategies during the next regular school board meeting on Tuesday.

”The board, earlier this school year, adopted a brand new mission and vision statement,” he said. ”Those are promises on where we want to be, and they need a plan on how to get there. The strategic plan is that plan.”

Mains said he has been directed by the board to produce a year-to-year plan for implementation. The strategic plan is set to run for five years, from 2014-19. He said each committee in the strategic plan process presented ways to reach their goal.

“There were a variety of action steps recommended by the committees,” Mains said. “The board will adopt goals and strategies. Then I will map the action plan, the year-to-year plan.”

Mains said during a retreat of school district administrators, they will develop the year-to-year plan. Once that plan is completed, he said a document will be released to the public detailing the strategic plan, goals and strategies and the year-to-year process.

During the past six months, eight committees were formed to discuss topics like rigorous academics; closing gaps in student achievement; social/emotional development; accountability/metrics; parent/community engagement; technology; extracurricular activities; and communications/public relations.

The mission of the strategic plan is to provide students high-quality, 21st century learning experiences within and beyond classrooms so that once they graduate they are prepared to excel in college, career and life. The vision is to see every child learning every day. Mains said the committee members were given core values and beliefs to start the conversation in how to reach the plan’s mission and vision. He said they were told students must always come first; high-quality teaching and learning are key to student success; the effort requires everyone to work together; positive social, emotional and behavior growth must not be ignored; and strong leadership, effective systems and reliable measures will be required to accomplish goals.