‘Face Of St. Susan’s’

Sue Colwell started as a volunteer at St. Susan Center’s soup kitchen and soon will be a volunteer, again.

Colwell is retiring as St. Susan’s executive director in October after holding the post for four years. She started at St. Susan in 2006 as a volunteer and joined the staff in 2007. Colwell said she is retiring to spend more time with her family – three sons and five grandchildren who live in Florida.

“The youngest two (grandchildren) are about a year and half. They are growing as we speak and we’re missing a lot of that,” Colwell said.

The people and the staff will be what Colwell will miss most about St. Susan’s.

“I’ve met so many amazing people from the community,” she said. “Even though I’m retiring from St. Susan Center, I plan on volunteering. I’m not done being involved in the community.”

Colwell called her retirement “bittersweet” because she has enjoyed her time at the soup kitchen since she first started volunteering.

“I’ve done everything from wash dishes to clean toilets,” she said. “I’ve run every part of the soup kitchen.”

Charles J. Holder, St. Susan Center board of directors president, said he is saddened that Colwell will be leaving the St. Susan family.

“Sue Colwell is the face of St. Susan’s. She brought a level of compassion and love to all who worked at the center and especially to those who had great need. She will truly be missed by all of us,” he said. “She has been a fantastic executive director. She is the heart and soul of our organization. It is a tough loss for St. Susan’s. It is bittersweet she is going, but she is leaving to enjoy more time with her family in her retirement. We wish her all the best.”

Holder said a search committee will be formed to find a new executive director. He said the position will be advertised regionally.

“Hopefully the search committee will be looking at a lot of applications,” he said. “We hope to have it narrowed down and an executive director in place by the first part of November.”

Holder said Colwell will be helping in the transition to a new executive director.

“She will continue to volunteer at St. Susan’s and working on finance campaigns,” he said. “She will not be totally gone.”