Time To Act Accordingly

To the Readers’ Forum:

An American general is murdered in Afghanistan. Several others wounded, including a German general. Tell me again, Mr. President, how exactly the Taliban is defeated? How exactly is Afghanistan under control? Hamas is digging tunnels, hiding rockets in mosques and people’s houses, killing their fellow Muslims with errant rockets and blaming Israel. Muslim extremists are taking 7-year old girls as brides in Syria. Muslim girls everywhere are being killed, raped, maimed and beaten for trying to get an education. Muslim extremists are kidnapping girls and women in Africa. Yet, non-Muslims who condemn this behavior are bigots? Really? Where are the so-called ”moderate Muslims?” Their silence is tacit approval of their extremist cousins. I see little evidence of honor, integrity, decency or love for their fellow humans from the lion’s share of the Muslim world.

These are facts, undisputable facts. There is no desire for peaceful cohabitation in the Muslim world. The Muslim world wants only fear and domination. Any time we seek peace, it will be viewed as an act of weakness. We need to accept this and act accordingly. You do not appease a bully. It only empowers them.

We need to speak openly and honestly. We need to stop hiding behind political correctness. Otherwise we will accomplish nothing. I wonder … will this letter be published? Or will political correctness and fear of criticism win?

Michael Rauh