Mains: Thanks For Car Restoration

To The Reader’s Forum:

It is now time to say “Thank You” to the team who restored the 1970’s Sportsman race car owned by Austin Main. The team (Bruce Macey, Matt Lanphere, David Juhl, and Dennis Murphy) has done a tremendous job in taking a car that sat in the weeds for almost 45 years and turning it into a showpiece.

Tom Shelters worked on restoring the hood, and Chad Ruhlman of Spartan Tool built the wing. Several others contributed work, materials and/or money. We do not know the names of these people, but you know who you are. For each of you who had a part in this restoration, we want to say our biggest thanks for all the effort and hours put in and money and material donated. We know that the team funded much of the cost themselves and we are eternally grateful and humbled by your generosity. The job seemed impossible to most people looking at the car. It is amazing what a year’s worth of hard work can accomplish. Each man on the team had his part in the job, and each one is very much appreciated by Austin and his family. Their creativity and skills produced this showpiece.

Although Austin can no longer drive the car, he is very pleased to see his car restored so it can bring back memories of past drivers, their families, and the fans of the Sportsman days in racing. He thoroughly enjoyed being at the opening of Stateline this year when the finished car was displayed along with other vintage race cars. He enjoyed talking and remembering the days with fans and fellow drivers such as Jay Pyler and Squirt Johns and the Stan Stevens family.

Contact Bruce Macey at Townline Auto if you want to see it for yourself. The car has also appeared in the car show at Bergman Park and will be on display in different places throughout the area.

Randy Anderson and Greg Peterson also receive our thanks for the video about the restoration process. The six different videos can be seen on YouTube. If interested, readers can find them under Austin Main: Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and Last Day.

There will never be enough thanks to cover the generosity of the people who contributed to this restoration in any way. A special thanks to Bruce, Matt, Dave, and Dennis!

Austin and Nancy Main