Swanson Completes Code Enforcement Training

BUSTI- Jeff Swanson, temporary code enforcement officer for both Busti and Lakewood, recently completed his training and received his code enforcement certification.

While this does not change Swanson’s title, it does mean he now is fully licensed.

Recently, Busti and Lakewood agreed to share a full-time code enforcement officer.

The contract would split the $45,000 salary between the town and village. In exchange for receiving half of the officer’s time, Lakewood would reimburse Busti $22,500.

Payments will be made on a monthly basis.

When Charlie Smith, former Lakewood code enforcement officer, retired, Swanson took over all of Smith’s projects. Some of these projects include construction projects that have been halfway finished. Swanson wanted to have the opportunity to ask Smith questions as he familiarizes himself with the village code, and the village kept Smith on staff with reduced hours to provide consultation. Smith will only be contracting with the village, while Swanson will still be working for the town and village.

In other news, Busti approved the deer management assistance program renewal application. The town board also approved Jesse Robbins, Busti supervisor, to apply for the $30,000 2014 Justice Court Assistance Program grant.

The board also authorized Darlene Nygren, town clerk, to attend a workshop at Southern Tier West called “How to Avoid Common Audit Findings” on Aug. 22, Aug. 29, Sept. 12 and Sept. 19 and Susan Huffman, deputy town clerk, to attend notary training at Southern Tier West on Aug. 21.

The town board meeting originally scheduled for Sept. 2 will now take place on Sept. 3 at the Busti-Lakewood Recreation Center at 6:45 p.m.