Keeping ‘The Late Show’ In New York City

To The Reader’s Forum:

Just a couple of comments on your Aug 5th Editorial criticizing the $16 Million in tax credits the state extended to CBS in order to retain ‘The Late Show’ in NYC.

This is a very common practice done by states and cities in order to woo or retain film/TV production companies or corporations to do business in their city or state.

You called it ‘skewering New York’s taxpayer’ but I would consider it an investment in the future. You have to look at the investment as ‘priming the pump’. This $16 million investment will guarantee to retain perhaps a couple of hundred jobs in New York state; the New York state income tax on their wages and the money they earn, much of it being spent in the state/city will greatly exceed the initial investment in perhaps a couple of years.

Looking at it as ‘skewering the taxpayer’ is very short-sighted and unfair when you look at the totality of the investment.

Tim Fagerstrom