No One Speaks During Public Hearing On Former Rogers School

How to use the former Rogers Elementary School building must not be a significant issue for community residents.

On Tuesday, a public hearing on new uses for the school building was held. The meeting was rather short because no one from the community spoke during the public hearing. The building has not been used as a school since the end of the 2011-12 school year. The building has been used for general school district purposes like storage.

Tim Mains, Jamestown Public Schools superintendent, proposed two new uses for Rogers School. One suggested using it to house the Jamestown Community Learning Council’s offices. The council is located at Lincoln Elementary School and its relocation to Rogers School is to accommodate remodeling activities at Lincoln School. The council provides parents the skills and information to help better prepare their children for school, ease the transition from home to school for students, strengthen the bond between children and their parents and provide monthly home visits for family educators.

The second use would be for district professional development workshops. Professional development activities for Jamestown educators and staff, such as seminars and training courses, are currently held in locations across the district. However, Mains said during the school year there are few large spaces available for training. The former library at Rogers School is perfectly suited for such activities.

In order to use the building for new purposes, the Jamestown Board of Education during its regular meeting passed a negative environmental impact declaration as part of the State Environmental Quality Review Act.