Busti Senior Housing Project Progressing

MAYVILLE – A fall groundbreaking for Busti’s new senior living community is closer to becoming a reality.

Blueprints for the new apartment complex have been reviewed by the Busti Town Board, and were further approved by the Chautauqua County Planning Board on Tuesday night.

Design plans released by Hunt Engineers Architects and Surveyors of Rochester show the new building’s driveway placed 400 feet north of the Southwestern Central School entrance on Southwestern Drive, behind Emeritus.

Kevin Sanvidge, executive director of the county Industrial Development Agency, attended the meeting and said he was impressed by the success of building owner Calamar Enterprises.

“I’m proud to have them coming to Chautauqua County, as they have been welcomed by the school district and municipality,” he said. “The Calamar group is a first-class organization,”

The proposed three-story L-shaped apartment complex will be 39,847 square feet and placed on a 12-acre parcel with 110-116 apartment complexes. Rent levels for the one- and two-bedroom apartments have yet to be determined, but will fall into a range of $805-$825 per month plus electric for one-bedroom units, and $950-$1,050 per month for two-bedroom units, plus electric. All residents must be over the age of 55. The majority of the units will be two-bedroom apartments.

“I’ve been asking a variety of folks if there is enough senior housing for the baby boomer generation and they have been telling me there isn’t, so this is a welcome thing in my mind,” said board member John Hamels.

Real estate appraisal company Gar Associates Inc. performed a local study on the potential for a senior living development and found projected growth in the 55-and-over housing market in the next five years, making Calamar’s project appropriate.

Additionally, an increase of more than 15 percent was indicated in terms of renter population, with an increase in population of 11.36 percent between 2009-14 for seniors aged 62 and above.

Sanvidge described Calamar’s agreement with the IDA as a Payment In Lieu Of Taxes program, which involves some tax abatement.

“If you look at it from a global standpoint, these PILOTS are a good thing,” he said. “It’s business, jobs and taxes that wouldn’t normally be there without a PILOT.”

Calamar owns eight other senior housing developments with five in New York and three in Nebraska.