Team Building

About 80 students and parents came to the first of Jamestown Business College’s freshmen orientations last week.

With summer withering away and fall creeping closer, freshmen students prepare to head off to college for the first time. This can be a huge change for not only students, but for parents as well. As a result, JBC faculty and staff did their best to introduce students and parents to the college and provide a fun way to give information and get to know one another.

As students got their photos taken for their identification cards, reviewed how schedules worked and did team-building exercises, parents learned of the rules and regulations of JBC. The faculty also discussed financial aid and gave students and parents the opportunity to make a financial aid appointment if they didn’t do so already.

“Students get nervous about meeting and knowing other students,” said Brenda Salemme, the director of admissions, when asked what do most incoming freshmen feel the most anxiety about. She told The Post-Journal about a student who came up and thanked her for the meet and greet held earlier in the month because she made a new friend. “That’s why we do all these events. It’s crucial for them to feel comfortable.”

About 37 students attended the first orientation, and around 60 and 25 students will be expected for the orientations on Aug. 6 and Aug. 13, respectively. JBC will continue to accept students right into September. Registration is Sept. 9 and classes start Sept. 10.