Winners Pick Up Extra Cash At Eriez

By Jay Pees

HAMMETT, Pa. – Extra cash was on the line for the four divisions racing Sunday night with $5,000 going to the winner of the Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Models 50-lap feature event; $1,000 for the Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods; and double pay for the Waterford Hotel Street Stocks and the Kandy’s Gentleman’s Club Challengers.

Don McGuire prevailed in one of the closest Street Stock races of the year with three cars battling for the lead for the final three laps. Gary Eicher came to the lead at 20 laps into the 30-lap main event and went on to his second consecutive E-Mod win. Jared Miley made his first trip to Eriez in 2014 pay off with a $5,000 win in the 50-lap Super Late Model headliner. Matt Marcy finished off the racing night with a last-lap pass for the lead and his fifth win of the season in the Challenger night capper.

Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Models:

Heat 1: Steve Kania, Andy Boozel, Max Blair, Robbie Blair, Matt Urban, Chris Peterson, Chuck Parker

Heat 2: Boom Briggs, Mike Knight, Darrell Bossard, David Scott, Dave Hess, Bob Dorman, Jake Finnerty

Heat 3: Chris Hackett, Rich Gardner, Jared Miley, Dick Barton, Scott Gurdak, Wally Fox, Brian Fardink

Heat 4: Bumpy Hedman, Greg Oakes, John Lobb, Ross Robinson, Jordan Eck, Michael Oakes

B-Main: Bob Dorman, Michael Oakes, Jake Finnerty, Wally Fox, Chris Peterson, Chuck Parker, Brian Fardink

Feature: Jared Miley, Andy Boozel, Max Blair, Mike Knight, Rob Blair, Greg Oakes, Boom Briggs, Matt Urban, Bump Hedman, Dave Scott, Steve Kania, Rich Gardner, Ross Robinson, John Lobb, Chris Hackett, Scott Gurdak, Wally Fox, Jordan Eck, Jake. Finnerty, Darrell Bossard, Michael Oakes, Dick Barton, Dave. Hess, Bob Dorman

Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods:

Heat 1: Dave Hess, Steve Dixon, Jack Young, Mike Kinney, Dan Davies, Shawn Shingledecker, John Schenker, Steve Sornberger, Chevy Sweet

Heat 2: Kyle Bedell, Butch Southwell, John Boyd, Dan Sasso, Joel Watson, Darren Tarabori, Steve Haefke, Bruce Powell (DNS), Walt Johnson (DNS)

Heat 3: Gary Eicher, John Boardman, Steve Simon, Shane Crotty, Steve Rex, Chad Carlson, Eric Reinwald, Greg Johnson

Feature: Gary Eicher, Dave Hess, Butch Southwell, Mike Kinney, John Boardman, Kyle Bedell, Dan Davies, Steve Dixon, Greg Johnson, Chad Carlson, John Boyd, Shane Crotty, Steve Simon, John Schenker, Steve Haefke, Eric Reinwald, Steve Sornberger, Jack Young, Chevy Sweet, Steve Rex, Joel Watson, Shawn Shingledecker, Darren Tarabori, Dan Sasso, Bruce Powell

Waterford Hotel Street Stocks:

Heat 1: Chris Withers, Jeremy Williams, Don McGuire, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Pat Fielding, Chris McDonald, Rob Bates (DNS)

Heat 2: Brandon Groters, Kenny Lamp, Shaun Fawcett, Rod Lasky, Ed Bolyard, Wesley McCray

Heat 3: Gary Fisher, Mark Thompson, ArtEdwards, Tyler Lyngarkos, Guy Adams, Bill Best

Feature: Don McGuire, Brandon Groters , Kenny Lamp, Chris Withers, Jeremy Williams, Rod Lasky, Pat Fielding, Ed Bolyard, Mark Thompson, Gary Fisher, Guy Adams, Wesley McCray, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Tyler Lyngarkos, Shawn Fawcett, Chris McDonald, Rob Bates, Art Edwards, Bill Best (DNS)

Kandy’s Gentlemen’s Club Challengers:

Heat 1: Matt Marcy, Wes Stull, Steve Morse, Todd Gabriel, Ryan White, Jeff Nunemaker, Drew Panko, Kelsey Parker, Aaron Liberati, Dennis Wisniewski (DNS)

Heat 2: Gary Olson, Tom Cupp, Travis Darling, Jason Brightman, Andy Proper, Ken Luma, Dave Lowe, Hunter Hully, Austin Karash, Todd Hanlon, Justin Boardman (DNS)

Feature: Matt Marcy, Steve Morse, Travis Darling, Tom Cupp, Aaron Liberati, Wes Stull, Jason Brightman, Justin Boardman, Ryan White, Andy Proper, Todd Gabriel, Todd Hanlon, Drew Panko, Ken Luma, Jeff Nunemaker, Austin Karash, Jimmy Nicholson, Kelsey Parker, Dave Lowe, Hunter Hully, Gary Olson, Dennis Wiesnieski (DNS)