Two More Eliminated In ‘Chautauqua Lake Voices’

BEMUS POINT – Performing the music of Phil Collins and Genesis proved to be a tall order for the seven vocalists who advanced through to the third round of eliminations in the 2014 SE93 Chautauqua Lake Voices competition Monday.

Although the performances came one week after they were initially scheduled due to poor weather conditions last week, any improvements that contestants may have gained from an extra week of rehearsal time were not readily apparent as the first few performers took the stage.

While some performances were marred by instances of pitchiness, as well as a brief moment of forgetfulness in the way of lyrics, the judging panel – comprised of Tim Edborg, Patricia Newman, Michelle Paterniti and Andrew Minton – made it clear that more would be expected in the final rounds of the competition. The word “safe” was used by the judges several times in reference to the song selections of the contestants, which they said indicated that perhaps some of the singers were not feeling overly confident in their ability to perform the music itself.

This week’s performances included: Josh Lucas, who sang “On My Way”; Rose Segel, who sang “I Can’t Dance”; Ashley Paulus, who sang “Strangers Like Me”; Margie Nelson, who sang Collins’ cover of “You Can’t Hurry Love”; Ashley Reefer, who sang Collins’ cover of “True Colors”; Dylan Carlson, who sang “Look Through My Eyes”; and Victoria McIlvain, who sang “Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now).”

The evening commenced with an encore performance from Reefer, who was voted “coolest performer” last week with her rendition of “Don’t Rain On My Parade.” An intermission performance was also given by the band Our Generation, a trio comprised of three Sherman Central School students who will be entering the eighth grade next month. The band featured the instrumental and vocal talents of Alex Coccarelli on guitar, Kourtney Ames on bass and Nicole Schack on mandolin. The band was accompanied by competition judge Minton, who is also the students’ music teacher.

After deliberation from the judging panel, Lucas and Paulus were eliminated. McIlvain was voted “coolest performer” of the evening.

The five remaining contestants will take the Bemus Point floating stage again Monday, when each contestant will perform two selections under the overarching category of “Movie Themes.”