Statewide Recognition

More than 5 million subscribers to a New York City-based website now know Forte is a great place to eat when outside of, “The city that never sleeps.”

Last month, Thrillist Media Group named Forte one of the top restaurants outside of The Big Apple. Thrillist Media Group is a digital media company consisting of men’s lifestyle brand; shopping club JackThreads; and fashion, music, and culture destination

By visiting, you can read the article written by Lauren Matison, who named 13 restaurants outside of New York City as the best places to dine.

Peggy Kaltenmeier, Forte owner, said the recognition from Thrillist, which has 21 editions featuring events from the world’s largest cities, was a complete surprise.

“I had honestly never heard of Thrillist before, but as the article spread around social media, my friends and customers who live in NYC were all sending me messages of congratulations, because apparently it’s kind of a big deal to the city-dwellers,” she said.

Kaltenmeier said the exposure is already paying off with new people enjoying a bite to eat at Forte, located at 114 E. Third St., Jamestown.

“This week I’ve seen new faces and overheard first-time, out-of-town customers talking about the article, which was really interesting to me,” she said.

Nick Dean, Forte front of house manager, said it is the first time the restaurant has been featured by a non-local media group. However, with social networking the restaurant connects millions every day.

“We do, however, reach quite a number of people across the country and throughout the world daily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,” he said. “We love connecting with people on social media and make it a point to try to post a variety of engaging, informative and enjoyable content across the different platforms. Non-local recognition happens daily in that way, just on a much smaller scale than with the Thrillist article. For instance, a picture of a Southern Tier beer we’re serving or a post about the local Borsari salt we use could get all sorts of ‘likes’ on Facebook or ‘retweets’ on Twitter from people all around the globe,” he said.

In the write-up, Forte items like tempura shrimp sushi roll and the $12 steak and beer special were featured. However, Julie Scheira, Forte head chef, said regular changes to the menu leave endless possibilities to satisfy anyone’s palate.

“Our steak and beer special in the bar is definitely very popular, but I don’t think our customers come here for just one specific thing,” she said. “It’s more about Forte being as consistent as possible. Using fresh ingredients and changing the menu often. It’s an eclectic menu, but there seems to be something for everyone.”

Forte’s gallery is currently showing Kathryn Harris’ “Cut & Paste” which explores form and function of printed material. Forte’s dining room is open from 5-9 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and The lounge is open late for cocktails. For more information or for reservations, call 484-6063 or visit