Missed Opportunity

I read the article about “Congressional Inaction and Executive Order.”

The writers’ point being that immigrants crossing into Texas should be clear stimulus for congressional action. However, then the writer goes on to blame Republicans or conservatives for inaction. How quickly we forget that the Obama administration controlled both houses from January 2009 to November of 2010 and could have fixed the problem if he wanted to.

The writer seems to frequently shoot from the hip and blame Conservatives for everything he writes about. There is no need to bully your point across and cast aspersions with labels such as “Anti-Government Crowd” and ‘Business Fat Cats.” Apparently some people don’t know what a Conservative really is.

Regarding the Statue of Liberty plack, it does not say bring us your MS-13 gang members, sex offenders, murderers, pedophiles, drug dealers, Muslim Extremists and America haters. It does not say come anytime you like and usurp our immigration laws and process. It is an icon of freedom for those entering the country legally. Try entering another country illegally and see what happens. So please don’t hide behind the so called children flooding our country and try to make us out to be uncaring and heartless.

“What The Anti-Government Crowd Forgets” is another example of insipid diatribe that liberals tend to throw around. They must have learned it from Harry Reed. Business “Fat Cats” also has a negative tone to it. If you are looking for “Fat Cats” maybe you should look at the government and government programs. The writer brags about government programs that are totally financed by taxpayers dollars which includes taxes from “Fat Cats.” He mentions the National Institute of Health, Interstate Highway System, FDIC, and GI Bill. Hardly fair comparisons. These programs all have a bottomless pit of taxpayer dollars at their disposal.

So, how about the many failures that the writer doesn’t want to mention? Here are a few examples: US Postal Service broke! Social Security broke! Fannie Mae broke! Freddie Mac broke! The War on Poverty an utter failure! Medicare and Medicaid both broke! AMTRAK (The Great Train Robbery) broke! Trillions of dollars to political payoffs called The Stimulus Bill, no sign of working! Cash for Clunkers started in 2009 and it went broke in 2009 after 80% of the cars purchased turned out to be produced by foreign companies.

No Child Left Behind a utter failure. Department of Energy cost billions of dollars a year and gas prices are at an all time high. Fair Housing Act where the Feds forced banks to issue sub prime mortgages to minorities with bad credit, a complete failure and a major cause of the current recession with 841,073 foreclosures in 2012. The Federal Reserve is broke! There is no “reserve” just printed paper money with no backing. The Food Stamp Program one of America’s fastest growing social welfare programs and there is little evidence that it has reduced hunger among low-income Americans. It has high administrative costs and significant levels of fraud and abuse. More than half of our population is on food stamps at over $78 billion a year. United States Of America is broke!!!! We are 17 trillion dollars in debt and counting – liability per taxpayer – $1,041,469 and counting. Billions and trillions of taxpayer dollars down the toilet with no government accountability whatsoever.

One successful government program – Obama’s net worth more than tripled in three years: $300,002 in 2008 to $3,670,505 in 2011! Obama wanted change. He got dollars! And now we come to “the Obama health plan.” After reading the above, how can any American actually believe that somehow this government health care plan will be different? You have to be on drugs, drunk, a real dumbo or a government lackey to believe it will be different. Wonderful promises about lowering premiums, having better health care, etc. etc., it goes against reality and past experience. So keep on dreaming, you dreamers, and you will pay the piper, and it will start soon.

For the record Conservatives are not Anti-Government we are for less government. We believe in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We believe that our elected officials should look out for our best interest and not lie to us. We believe in following the letter of the law. We like fiscal responsibility with taxpayer dollars. We are against government waist when using our tax dollars. Most of us believe in God. We believe in working for a living instead of government handouts. We believe in upholding traditional values and morals. We believe in a free market economy, and a strong national military for defense.

The role of the government is to protect our freedom. We believe that school vouchers create competition and therefore encourage schools to improve performance. We don’t vote along party lines and vote for a candidate who we believe will be good for the country. We hold Republicans and Democrats responsible for bad decision making. And we believe in personal responsibility to mention a few. Too bad you don’t want to be a part of that.

What big government lovers and liberals fail to recognize is the harm that both parties have done to America with entitlement programs, spending, and handouts. In order to satisfy the enormous appetite for free bees the treasury has had to print and borrow billions and trillions of dollars. This has resulted in inflation and the devaluation of our dollar. Our elected officials refuse to address the problem because it requires one to make the hard decisions which might cost them votes and maybe there jobs. It’s a problem which no one seems to want to address and if not corrected will eventually bring America to bankruptcy. Here are some examples of what inflation has done so far. If you had $50,000 in 1945 you would need $662,064 today to have the same buying power, $50,000 in 1965 would require $378,322 today, $50,000 in 1985 would require $110,754 today, and $50,000 in 2005 would require $61,020 in 2014 to maintain the same buying power. And so it goes on and on and on. I wish someone would write in to The Post-Journal and explain why the course we are on doesn’t matter and why we don’t need to do anything about it. Please explain it in laymen terms because I just don’t get it.

No sir. I’ll put my money on those “Fat Cats” any day. Although I would rather refer to them as the private sector because they actually built this country. If you believe in redistribution of wealth, big government and expensive government free handouts just remember – there is free cheese in a mouse trap. go ahead and get it.

Bruce Piatz is a Jamestown resident and small business owner.