What Mr. Bliss Forgets

To the Readers’ Forum:

In a recent editorial, James Bliss scolds the “anti-government” crowd for intentionally forgetting the benefits created by the federal government. Yes, the NIGH, Interstate Highway System, funding of basic research, vaccination programs, etc. all do the federal government proud. Mr. Bliss forgets, however, that these were all given birth when the federal government was considerably smaller and more conservative than today.

Mr. Bliss remembers that President Reagan, conveniently a Republican, began the failed “War On Drugs” but forgets LBJ’s “War on Poverty” that has drained the country of trillions, created a permanent welfare underclass, destroyed the black family and opened the floodgates for countless random acts of socialism that have changed the very fabric of America and may very well destroy us in the fullness of time. Mr. Bliss “remembers” that the federal government was the “driving force behind every product in use today” (a.k.a. you didn’t build it) but forgets that for some 200 years it was the individual that made this country great.

Mr. Bliss remembers that he does not like conservatives and libertarians, but forgets that the men who found the country he claims to love were all conservatives and libertarians. I could go on but I forget.

Artie Morgan

Lake Mary, Fla.