Trap Leagues

Led by Gary Johnson, Cindy Cable, Bob Faga and Ray Lee with perfect scores of 50s, Pine Grove recorded the highest score in defeating Tidioute, 347-343, in the Warren County Trap League.

Colby Chase and Taylor Hanson had 50s for Tidioute.

Colton Black had a 50 as Sugar Grove I prevailed over Corry, 341-33l.

Ian Procter and Paul Zentz of Tidioute and Dakota Hetrick of Kalbfus had their first 25 straight.

Faga and Lee were the high veterans and Johnson the top senior veteran while Cable and Hanson the high lady with 50s.

Ashlee McClure of Pine Grove, Blake Ristau of Kalbfus and Elijah Trawick of Sugar Grove I had 49s for the high juniors.

Ralph Challingsworth of Sheffield. John McCanna of Brokenstraw and Jim Hannon of Sugar Grove I delivered the high super senior veteran scores with a 49.

James Brown of Sugar Grove II had a 48 for the highest sub junior total with a 49.

Other scores were Kalbfus over Sheffield, 341-333, and Brokenstraw over Sugar Grove II, 339-334.

PINE GROVE (347): Gary Johnson 50, Cindy Cable 50, Bob Faga 50, Ray Lee 50, Dennis Spoon 49, Ashlee McClure 49, Dave Kingsley 49.

TIDIOUTE (343): Colby Case 50, Taylor Hansen 50, Ken Anderson 49, Paul Zentz 49, Joel; Stewart 49, Tim Case 48, Allen Hansen 48.

KALBFUS (341): Michael McDunn 49, Paul Prentice 49, Jim Nowicki 49, Blake Ristau 49, Brian Ristau 49, Ed Sleeman 48, Matt McDunn 48.

SHEFFIELD (333): Ralph Challingsworth 49, Gary McLaughlin 49, Joe Leichtenberger 48, Breck Fry 48, Lonny Heeter 47, Jeff Boutelle 46, Erica Boutelle 46.

SUGAR GROVE I (341): Colton Black 50, Elijah Trawick 49, Jim Hannon 49, Ethan Black 49, Devon Kibbey 48, Jake Lindell 48, Brill Morris 48.

CORRY (331): Todd Steele 49, Jamie Morton 49, Ken Berkhous 48, Greg Linden 47, Chuck Geer 46, Tage Grant 46, Kyle Dahl 46.

BROKENSTRAW (339): Curt Hollabaugh 49, C. J. Jones 49, John McCanna 49, Mike Carrington 48, Rusty Luther 48, Rich Lee 48, Jared Hanna 48.

SUGAR GROVE II (334); Kevin Nicklas 49, Reed Johnson 48, Tom Dallas 48, Tom Tutmaher 48, Jarrett Brown 48, Stephanie Tutmaher 47, Bill Dallas 46.