We Can Still Save The Ground Beneath Our Feet

To the Readers’ Forum:

We read the pros and cons of fracking and while I don’t consider myself to be an alarmist, I do think we should be well informed about every possible result of manmade disturbances beneath our feet. My schooling began in the early 1940s and at that time we were taught that all the states along the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence river are situated on a shelf that extends miles inland and out into the Atlantic Ocean from the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. They said that eventually this shelf will collapse from natural deterioration caused by water seepage and minor earthquakes. When this happens, the level of the affected land will be lower than the floor of the Atlantic Ocean and the salt writ wail rush in making this area of the world a part of the Atlantic Ocean. Let’s not hasten is cataclysmic event!

It appears we have pretty much destroyed the air we have to breath. Do we want to destroy the ground beneath our feet?

Elmer Hornburg

Conewango Valley