Out-Of-State Freeloaders Get What!?

To The Reader’s Forum:

The Human Services Committee recently heard benefit proposals on Welfare to Work at a meeting in Mayville. This article went on to note that Chautauqua County may soon be joining counties across the state by establishing residency requirements in order to receive welfare benefits.

Members of the County Legislature presented this to the Human Services Committee. Chautauqua legislators would like residency requirements. There are more than 700 applications per month for public assistance, with 20 of them coming from out of state.

If that 20 a month figure is correct for the out-of-staters, then that is 240 applicants from out of state a year at $42,000 per person equals $1.8 million spent on out-of-staters of New York state taxpayers’ money.

So why hasn’t this bill been passed for these freeloaders? I spoke to one Chautauqua County legislator and he replied that he knew nothing about the residency requirement.

I couldn’t believe my ears when he said that.

Does anyone in the County Legislature know what is going on? Is this the reason nothing is passed on the legislative table?

What are our taxes paying for? An ineffective County Legislature? Can anyone from the county come up with an answer to these questions?

I am a concerned taxpayer and I want to know why this money is so easy to give away to out-of- taters.

Richard Makuch,