Westfield Town Board Approves Barcelona Project

WESTFIELD – The Westfield Town Board approved the Barcelona Water Project to be completed as stated in the bond resolution.

Martha Bills, town supervisor, said during the public hearing held recently in Eason Hall, money will be taken from an existing grant to help pay for the project, if need be. In 2012, the town board directed Nussbaumer and Clarke Inc. to prepare a map, plan and report for certain improvements to the North Town Water District. The water system capital project will consist of replacing about 3,500 linear feet of 12-inch water main, 3,875 linear feet of 8-inch water main and 3,075 linear feet of 6-inch water main in the town. Since the project has increased $32,000 due to more bids than expected, the board wants to take $60,000 out of the New York State Grant fund for it.

The bond resolution was amended and approved at the public hearing.

Another public hearing is set for Aug. 6 at 7:25 p.m. to discuss permitting certain storage buildings as principle structures.

“The Planning Board has talked about certain storage buildings, which we haven’t allowed until now,” Bills said.

“It looks complicated, but it’s not,” attorney Joel Seachrist said. “As long as the building they put on lot is less than 44 square feet it is OK. You have to go to the planning board for a special permit if it is larger.” Seachrist added the main purpose for this is people who want more storage on their land. Code Officer James Pacanowski noted this is typically for people who live out of town, but own a seasonal place here in Westfield.

“They want a place to keep things,” he said. “They can get a permit from me or a special use permit.”

Seachrist said it can only be used for storage, and can’t be a living structure.