Salamanca School District Unveils Tax Rebate

SALAMANCA – After several years of a flat school tax levy, followed by nearly a 30-percent decrease in the current budget, taxpayers in the Salamanca City Central School District can look forward to another cost savings measure this year.

According to Robert Breidenstein, district superintendent, because the district has remained under the state-mandated tax cap, as well as finding efficiencies where possible, district taxpayers can expect to receive a rebate from New York state, in the amount of 1.46-percent of their bill, he said, bringing the total tax levy decrease for the 2014-15 school year to 30.63 percent.

“It has been a well-established and articulated Board of Education goal to maintain a financial plan that meets our instructional and contractual obligations while reducing the crushing taxation burden in our community,” Breidenstein said. “When the board, community and taxpayers unite to find common, practical and implementable solutions, everyone benefits. … My understanding is because we held the line on taxes, lived under the 2-percent threshold, this means (district) taxpayers will get the rebate.”

Breidenstein attributes the ability to keep the burden low to many factors, including the use of fund balances, staff adjustments, federal impact aid and “strategic decisions enacted by the Board of Education, dating back to 2011.

“This reduction will come to taxpayers via a rebate from New York state as a direct result of the school system’s efforts to minimize expenditures while maximizing how each and every penny is allocated,” he said.