4-H Sheep Project Members Show Off At Fair

FREDONIA – During fair week, the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County’s 4-H Sheep Project participants competed in the 4-H Sheep Show.

Sheep Program participants have owned their Market Sheep for at least 85 days and have owned their breeding animals in many cases for multiple years. Youth in the Sheep Breeding Project continue to expand their herd each year adding additional quality and working to preserve certain traits and characteristics. Youth in the 4-H Sheep Project spend a great deal of time raising, caring and conditioning each animal. Sheep in particular, have to regularly be sheared, have veterinarian exams and be exercised.

The show, judged by Elizabeth Kron, saw all sunny skies with 51 Market Lambs and 78 Breeding Sheep. Grand Champion Ram was received by Corinne Covert, with her Cheviot, and Reserve Champion Ram was won by Brittany Woodard exhibiting with her Tunis. Grand Champion Ewe was won by Max Peterson, who also showed a Cheviot, with the Reserve Champion Ewe honors being received by Woodard with her Tunis.

In Showmanship Classes sheep exhibitors are judged on their showing abilities, including how they handle their animal and in some cases, others’ animals as well. Receiving top honors as Grand Champion Showman was Maxwell Peterson with Branden Decker receiving Reserve honors.

Market Lambs are evaluated in four divisions by weight: Light, Medium, Light-Heavy and Heavy Weight. A Grand Champion Market and Reserve Champion Market Lamb are also honored as top market lambs for 2014. Each Market Lamb participant was eligible to sell their top animals at the Meat Animal Sale. This year the 4-H Lamb Project planned to sell 38 lambs at the Meat Animal Sale.

In this year’s Market Lamb classes, top honors in the Lightweight class went to Lydia Covert with Garrett Catanese receiving Reserve. In the Medium Weight class Kayla Schauman and Hannah Schauman were also awarded Grand and Reserve. The Light-Heavyweight division was won by Kayla Nefedov with Onnalee Strong coming in second. In the Heavyweight division, Wyatt Harrington received first place and Tara Sweeney received second. Top Market honors, earning a place as first lamb sold at Meat Animal Sale, was given to Wyatt Harrington for his heavy weight lamb, and Tara Sweeney will be selling second with the Reserve Market Lamb.

Additional Lamb results are listed here:

Pair of Market Lambs: First place – Steven Overend, Second place – Kayla Schauman

Cheviot Division:

Spring Ram Lamb – Corinne Covert

Ewe Lamb – Max Peterson

Ewe One Year Under Two – Peterson

Champion Ewe – Peterson

Reserve Champion Ewe – Peterson

Tunis Division:

Spring Ram Lamb – Brittany Woodard

Champion Ram – Woodard

Aged Ewe – Woodard

Pair of Yearling Ewes – Woodard

Spring Ewe Lamb – Woodard

Pair Ewe Lambs – Woodard

Champion Ewe – Woodard

Suffolk Division:

Pen of Four – Woodard

Flock and Breeders Young Flock- Woodard

Ram Lamb – Woodard

Aged Ewe – Woodard

Yearling Ewe – Woodard

Spring Ewe Lamb – Hope Catanese

Pair of Yearling Ewes – Woodard

Pair Ewe Lambs – Woodard

Champion Ram – Woodard

Champion Ewe – Catanese

Reserve Ewe – Woodard

Horned Dorset Division:

Aged Ram – Bryan Tenpas

Champion Ram- Tenpas

Shropshire Division:

Aged Ram – Tessa Warner

Yearling Ram – Warner

Spring Ram Lamb – Warner

Yearling Ewe – Warner

Aged Ewe – Warner

Champion Ewe – Warner

Champion Ram – Warner

Boarder Leicester Division:

Yearling Ewe – Esther Knappenberger

Spring Ewe Lamb – Amanda Knappenberger

Champion Ewe – Lucy Knappenberger

Champion Ram – Lucy Knappenberger

Grade Classes:

Aged Ewe – Tessa Warner

Yearling Ewe – Lydia Covert

Ewe Lamb – Max Peterson

Pair of Ewe Lambs – Steven Overend

Kendra Dorman took first place with her Wool Breed Fleece. Brittany Woodard took first place with her Commercial Fleece, and Esther Knappenberger took first place for her natural color wool.