Safety Village Announces Town Of Terror Fundraiser Contest

ASHVILLE – The Chautauqua Children’s Safety Education Village is hosting its third annual Town of Terror fundraiser, adding a challenge this year for community members to form a team and use creativity to decorate the most terrifying, haunted building in the village.

All guests who come through the haunted village will vote on their favorite, most terrifying building at the end of their tour. The team with the most votes at the end of the contest wins $1,000 for first place, $500 for second place and $250 for third place, which may be kept or donated to their favorite charity. Those participating can encourage co-workers, family and friends to come and vote for their building.

“The Town of Terror gets scarier and scarier each year,” said Terri Kindberg, safety village executive director. “We assure guests will receive a spine-tingling tour through our haunted village where they will hear dark, eerie, screams of terror coming from somewhere unknown. We want the community to take part in this fun event and are looking for those die hard Halloween fans to take part in our contest.”

The Town of Terror will be held Friday and Saturday nights Oct. 10-25 from 7:30-10:30 p.m. and is intended for teenagers and adults who love a good scare. It is not recommended for those under 12.

“This event is also a great way for high school students to receive community service hours,” Kindberg said. “Students who have been a part in previous years have come back the next year because they’ve had such a great experience. It is a mutual benefit and we really appreciate their help.”

For contest rules and to apply, visit Buildings are chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis and space is limited. Building sizes are 16-by-18 feet or 12-by-24 feet. Applications need to be received no later than Sept. 3. Applications will then be reviewed and applicants will be asked to present their ideas on the evening of Sept. 8.

The Chautauqua Children’s Safety Education Village is located in Ashville. It is a nonprofit organization which was formed in 1996. The DFT Communications Educational Facility, where classes are held, is surrounded by a child-sized village, complete with a business district, paved roads, street signs, sidewalks and everything one would find in an actual village. More than 12,000 children have received hands on safety training since opening in 2010. The village is sustained through fundraising efforts, grants and donations from the community. All donations are tax-deductible.

For more information, email Kindberg at or call 499-8138.