Three Jamestown Schools Undergoing Summer Renovations

Three Jamestown elementary school renovation projects to increase building security, parking lot safety and improve the efficiency of the heating and air-conditioning units will be started this summer.

Carl Pillittieri, Jamestown Public Schools buildings and grounds/transportation director, said the building projects are all part of the $68 million referendum voters approved in 2011. The construction projects are underway at Lincoln Elementary School, 301 Front St., and Ring Elementary School, 333 Buffalo St. A third project will be starting soon at Bush Elementary School, 150 Pardee Ave. Pillittieri said a majority of the work being done at all three schools involves improving the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

”The majority of the work we are doing is in the boiler room and mechanical room. It’s that kind of work being done inside the exterior of the buildings,” he said.

Pillittieri said one change to improve the heating and air-conditioning efficiency is the implementation of a demand-control ventilation system. He said school officials are regulated to provide 15-cubic-feet of air per minute, per student in each room.

”Right now, we calculate 30 students in a room so we are running 450 cubic feet of air. The new technology will take into account the number of occupants in the room and adjust the air flow to that number,” he said. ”So in the past we’re running the maximum, but with the new system we will significantly lower our utility costs.”

At Lincoln Elementary School, the project to improve the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system is so extensive it will continue into next summer. In order to continue work during the school year, eight portable classrooms, two restrooms and a two locker bays will be constructed outside. As the renovation project continues inside the building, classrooms will rotate in and out of the portable classrooms outside. Two classes will be inside the portable classrooms at a time.

”Those classrooms will be out there the entire school year, this year,” he said. ”The modular classrooms will be connected to the building via a covered walkway so the kids can get in and out of the building for what they need to do.”

Renovation work will also be done to the cafeteria and auditorium, with new seating and flooring for the auditorium. Outside the building, parking lot renovations will be done to improve safety. Pillittieri said a loop for buses and parents dropping their children off at school will be added for more safety. The costs of the project at Lincoln Elementary school will be around $5.7 million.

Pillittieri said at both Lincoln and Ring Elementary schools a new entrance way will be added to include a vestibule for added security. The project at Ring will include moving the main office and nurses suite toward the first-level parking lot of the building. Pillittieri said the traffic pattern in the parking lot will also be altered to improve safety. The project at Ring is estimated to be around $4.9 million.

At Bush Elementary, there will be two phases. The first phase will be done this summer with a parent drop-off and pick-up loop being added.

”We had problems on Pardee (Avenue) and English (Street) with people double parking,” he said. ”We’re going to add a drop-off loop for cars only off of English Street, which is currently the back of the school.”

Pillittieri said Phase 2 will be done next year. This project will add three classrooms, move the main office and nurses suite and will change what is now the the back of the building into the new main entrance. Both phases of the project will cost around $5.9 million.