I’ll Fertilize My Own Garden, Thank You

To The Reader’s Forum:

Please, my flower bed is not a toilet for your dogs/cats or for that matter their lazy owners/non-owners who also litter.

The Bible states: Ye shall reap as Ye sow. Therefore, if you sow acts of decency and respect you will receive the same (from likeminded people). As you walk your pet you need to be prepared to pick up after him/her. A plastic bag in your pocket is all you need!! Just as you don’t really wish to touch such deposits with your hands neither do I wish to have to pick it up with mine as it is your pet’s deposit. He/she doesn’t even lick my hand for taking care of him.

Changes for the better have to start with each and every one of us being responsible for our actions. Retaliating by running around with your pet and making deposits in someone else’s yard only causes the problem to escalate. Dog walking is very pleasant and it is a great way to be sociable with your neighbors. May I also suggest that the plastic bag may be used to gather up some of the litter left by the ignorant, self-serving, rude, immature people – you wouldn’t do that without plastic gloves on though, would you? Be safe!!!

I will offer this prayer for you – May you be blessed many times over in the manner in which you treat your neighbor and his/her property. Amen.

Jody Booth Terhune