Reynolds Donates Boat Show Plaque To Bemus Point

BEMUS POINT – The summer season is in full swing in Bemus Point.

The Bemus Point Village Board met recently to discuss what has been happening in the area.

Bryan Dahlberg, Bemus Point mayor, said that the library and Bemus Point Volunteer Fire Department’s co-rummage sale was a success. Board members praised Kathleen McCarthy, library director, for her work.

William R. Reynolds III, street superintendent, provided his updated report.

Reynolds said that the gazebo, built by Erie 2 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus BOCES Hewes Education Center students involved in the construction technology program, is currently located in the village park. He also said that the Bemus Point Central School District has plans to borrow the village’s post hole digger for an upcoming project.

After Reynolds mentioned the possibility of painting yellow lines onto Lakeside Drive, the board discussed the cost – roughly $400 for paint – and agreed that it would be beneficial for slowing cars down.

According to Reynolds, the village is procuring sand for the village beach, and is considering taking down trees that are located on a lakeside property which may become a danger to public safety. Reynolds was unsure if the trees were located on private property or on the village’s right of way.

Dave Lipsey, board member, noted that the highway department is doing a “great job.”

Dahlberg said that he has been looking into purchasing a picnic table and benches for use in the new gazebo.

In regard to a question about potential salt damage to the new benches located throughout the village this winter, Dahlberg said that because there is no place to store the benches, the village plans to leave them out throughout the winter this year and see how they hold up.

Reynolds said that the benches are very heavy, and would take a significant amount of work to take down and put back up in the spring.

Chautauqua County Legislator Pierre Chagnon, R-Bemus Point, was also in attendance.

According to Chagnon, there are changes to the 2015 workmen’s compensation bill, which are causing increases in certain municipalities. Overall, the county saw a decrease in workmen’s compensation costs.

Chagnon also said that while the county’s 2015 budget is being worked on, suggestions are encouraged.

The board discussed the possibility of collecting bed tax on weeklong rentals and private cottages in future years.

To close, Reynolds, who is also president of the Twin Tier Chapter Antique and Classic Boat Society, presented the village with a framed picture to commemorate the 17th annual antique and classic boat show that was recently held in the village.