Frewsburg Students Banned From Drinking Caffeinated Beverages

FREWSBURG- Students can no longer bring caffeinated beverages into Frewsburg Central School.

The school held a public hearing on the Code of Conduct plan recently and proposed changes addressed two main areas: e-cigarettes and energy drinks with high amounts of caffeine.

Scott Cooper, principal of Frewsburg Junior-Senior High School, said the two main changes to the Code of Conduct are the prohibition of e-cigarettes and energy drinks on school grounds. These changes are, in part, results of the rising popularity of e-cigarettes and the growing concerns of health hazards of energy drinks. In previous years, students have brought glass containers to school, causing a safety hazard. According to Cooper, the initial thought in regards to drinks toyed with the idea of banning all liquids in the classroom. However, Cooper said with temperatures reaching up to 80 degrees upstairs, it would be unfair to the students.

“Every time you change the code, there will be a push back,” Cooper said. “… When you look at our (students’) conduct, it has gotten better.”

Not everybody on the Frewsburg School Board readily signed on to the caffeinated beverages ban, however.

“Where do you draw the line?” asked Eric Wright, a Board of Education member. “… It concerns me a lot. I think it is a bit of a slippery slope.”

Jason Ruhlman, a school board member, said students would complain of a double standard because teachers could to continue to drink caffeinated beverages.

Only clear plastic bottles filled with water will be allowed for students.

The board unanimously approved the measure.