Vikings Award Annual Scholarships

Mindy Worden, Ingjald Lodge chief, welcomed all the scholarship recipients, their families, guests and lodge members recently. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, seven college-bound high school graduates from the Jamestown area received a total of $8,200 in scholarship awards at the annual Viking awards ceremony held at the Lake Park in Maple Springs.

The funds came from the International Order of Vikings and the local Ingjald Lodge 65 scholarship programs. Receiving the national Viking awards were: Derek L. Smith, Matthew P. Johnson, Joshua R. Lamper, Shelby L. Adams, Melissa L. McGrath and Emily H. Kling.

Tim Fagerstrom and Bill Peterson, I.O.V. Past Grand Lodge chiefs, and Robert Greenwald, I.O.V. Scholarship member, made the presentations. Mitchell R. Lamper was the recipient of the local Ingjald Lodge Scholarship. They were assisted by Worden and Orrissa Greenwald, vice chief, and Juanita Porter, Ingjald Lodge Scholarship chairperson.

In addition to the monetary awards, recipients also received personally inscribed certificates, boutonnieres and a number of pictures of the award ceremony. Worden stated that she was personally very proud of the graduates and extended congratulations on behalf of all Vikings. She also applauded the I.O.V. and Ingjald Lodge for their commitment to education. Each recipient had the opportunity to introduce their family and tell where they were going to college.

Since 1964 there have been 311 Viking scholarships awarded totaling $211,150.

Fagerstrom reported that $2,706 was donated to the local scholarship fund from various fundraisers. A congratulatory reception was held following the ceremony. This reception was sponsored by the Past Chiefs Club of Ingjald Lodge and the Viking House Committee.

The Vikings is a fraternal organization with emphasis on Scandinavian heritage. Social membership is open to those of non-Scandinavian heritage. For more information about either the regular Viking membership or the Viking social membership, interested parties can call the Viking office at 487-9305