BOCES Students Complete Bemus Point Gazebo Project

BEMUS POINT – Patrons of the Bemus Point Village Park have a new gazebo available for use.

Students enrolled in the construction technology program at the Erie 2-Chautauqua-Cattaraugus BOCES Hewes Educational Center recently completed a gazebo that is now located at the park.

The two-year program requires students to complete a community service-based project that involves hands-on experience – this year, the gazebo project was chosen. The structure was completed at the Hewes Center, and brought to Bemus Point on a trailer.

Bryan Dahlberg, Bemus Point mayor, said that he was appreciative of the gazebo.

“The students really did a good job, and we’re happy to have it here,” Dahlberg said. “We’ve already had a family use it – they brought their own table and chairs in there.”

William R. Reynolds III, Bemus Point streets superintendent, said that the gazebo was built exceptionally well. He also said that Hewes Center students have worked with the village on other projects, including a trash can enclosure that is located across the street from the gazebo location.

Chris O’Brien, construction technology teacher, said that the structure is a proper example of putting classroom theories into action.

“These students combine mathematics and physics with hands-on experiences, and are able to put their skills to the test in community building projects like this,” O’Brien said. “What they are learning in exercises like this is fully preparing them to enter the workforce.”

Kip Feinen, principal at the Hewes Educational Center, said that the Hewes Center is proud to work closely with municipalities for such projects.

“These experiences not only provide the students with real-world experience, but they are also constructing something the entire community can enjoy,” Feinen said. “We are honored that the village of Bemus Point has given us this opportunity, and we hope everyone enjoys what the students have built.”

The banners located on the gazebo were donated by Dave Lipsey, deputy mayor .