Farewell, Western New York

To The Reader’s Forum:

I woke up with more freedom this morning as of yesterday I am no longer a resident of New York state.

To borrow a tag form this page that has some thumbs up and some thumbs down.

I will start with thumbs up.

This is a beautiful piece of the U.S.A.

I have some of the most wonderful neighbors and acquaintances ever in Western New York.

We have had a lovely home.

Now for the thumbs down.

We have lived under the most oppressive tax burden ever in our lives.

This is mainly due to too much government and mostly corrupt.

New York has a strange state constitution. While most state the constitution protects the people from the government in New York, the constitution protects the government from the people. I honestly don’t know how you fix that, I do know you cannot elect candidates that will.

I will no longer be in fear that my legally owned and registered guns are some violation of a governor’s whim.

I admire the members of the tea party and SCOPE trying to struggle against much bad law, the SAFE Act, Common Core etc. I would remind them that in order to change this they must rely on the same politicians who put it there to begin with. The SAFE act would not be law without the Senate and the House. The governor is only part of the problem.

Most of our politicians are “Go Along Get Along” and don’t understand that it has never worked and never will.

Two thoughts: our state senator has sent out publications over the last four years all beginning with how closely she is working with the governor. I voted for her to work against this governor.

Our house speaker in this past year paid off two women with taxpayer money to prevent them from filing charges against one of his sleazy cronies, and the speaker didn’t break any laws.

Thank You Western New York and to those who read my rantings whether you agreed or not, I appreciated you.

Signing off.

Jim Walker