Piano Students Practice For Paws

BEMUS POINT – Students of Cindy’s Piano Studio raised money for the Chautauqua County Humane Society by practicing the piano. For two weeks students recorded their practice time and then collected money from sponsors. The students asked their family, friends and neighbors to sponsor their practice time for a penny per minute of practice.

The sponsors were invited to attend a benefit recital held recently. Cindy Robison brought one of her piano keyboards to the pavilion at Ellery Park in Bemus Point on Saturday morning.

Students were awarded prizes for collecting the most money, getting the most donors and for the most practice time during the two weeks.

A check for $345 was presented to Sandy Gulloth and Jill Patterson, volunteers for the Humane Society. Mae, a stray beagle, was in attendance to give her applause. Mae is available for adoption at the Humane Society.

Students performing were Eliza Andersen, Eliza and Harper Dawes, Stephanie Derkovitz, Makala Nelson, Isac and James Pirrello, Liz and Sarah Quadt, Sophia and Sydney Segrue, and Alex Siliano.