RHJC President Speaks At Fortnightly Luncheon

Fortnightly had its annual summer luncheon recently at the Landmark Restaurant, with James Johnson, president and executive director of the Robert H. Jackson Center, as its speaker.

In addition to his position at the Jackson Center, Johnson was also the chief of prosecutions for the Special Court for Sierra Leone. The Special Court, an International War Crimes Tribunal was set up in 2002 jointly by the United Nations and the Government of Sierra Leone for prosecuting persons who bore the greatest responsibility for violations of international humanitarian law committed in the territory. As such, he supervised four trials teams prosecuting the 10 accused.

Along with his talk, Johnson presented a slideshow concerning these events with the main topic being blood diamonds. The talk was both informative and well as heart-wrenching when told how diamonds were used to fuel the conflict, force children into becoming soldiers and other violations of humanitarian law.

Fortnightly will have its first meeting on Thursday, Oct. 9, at the Sheldon House.