A Novel Idea

To The Reader’s Forum:

This may sound a bit “off” to some of you, but check this out.

When the U.S. considers jumping into some conflict overseas because of our “nation building” or “democratizing the rest of the planet” or “putting in place the leader of our liking,” how about we just sit back, let whomever fight it out and make a commitment that we withhold EVERY type of aid to the two countries until the end of the conflict.

Then we can re-consider re-instituting aid, but only to the loser of the conflict. Yes, we are a compassionate nation but look where that has gotten us; big brother, playground sheriff and world banker. We will feel bad for the collateral damage and deaths of the innocent but we are already doing that in our own country; simply feeling sorry for it and not doing much to alleviate the suffering, poverty and deaths of our own people here at home. I am not an isolationist or libertarian, but it seems that what we have been doing for the last several decades does not seem to be working.

Just my opinion!

Tim Fagerstrom