Natural Gas Leaves More Than Just Water

To The Reader’s Forum:

In a recent letter to the Readers’ Forum a writer wrote: “Most of the studies I have read about concerning CNG, show that when set up properly is 100 percent efficient and leaves nothing but H2O in the atmosphere.” The author was referring to compressed natural gas as a fuel for automobiles. Since no fuel comes anywhere close to being 100 percent efficient in an automobile engine, I am not sure what he was referring to. However, his statement that nothing but H2O is left in the atmosphere is just plain wrong. Natural gas is a hydrocarbon, a chemical combination of hydrogen and carbon. The complete combustion of natural gas always produces both water and carbon dioxide. Incomplete combustion, which likely occurs in automobile engines, also produces carbon monoxide and carbon (soot).

To me, in view of these misstatements, the other information in this letter should be considered questionable at best.

Bruce Limberg